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I fell in love with CustomTable to build data-driven WiX installs. I had a custom action that I needed to execute on a dozen or so objects during an installation. Instead of having 12 <Custom Action=... entries in the InstallExecute sequence, I put all the appropriate stuff into a CustomTable and process via a loop inside a single CustomAction.

Now I want to leverage the functionality that WiX provides, such as XmlFile in conjunction with CustomTables. For example, I have a bunch of .config/xml files to process during the install; instead of having a million <XmlFile... elements in the Wix source I would like to add rows to the XmlFile table directly. Similar situation for configuring IIS where there are many WebApplication and WebVirtualDirs that I need to configure.

It looks like this can be done by inserting "temporary rows" into the appropriate table-- ie XmlFile or IIsWebVirtualDir. But I can't seem to find any examples of how to do this with DTF or otherwise.

Bob Arnson alluded to the fact that this is possible in an old post on joyofsetup that I came upon, unfortunately I can't find any other references to how to implement.

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You can use the installer database functions from a custom action.

For details and some examples please see:

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