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Is there a more concise way to write the following query (using Mysql + C ):

 memset(query, 0, 200);
            strcat(query, "UPDATE Sconti SET ");
            strcat(query, "Sconto = '");
            strcat(query, nuovo_sconto);
            strcat(query, "' WHERE For_Sconti ='");
            strcat(query, For_Sconti);
            strcat(query, "' AND Cat_Sconti='");
            strcat(query, Cat_Sconti);
            strcat(query, "';");

            if (mysql_query (conn, query)) {
                        printf("\nErrore query:\n");
                printf("%s", mysql_error(conn),"\n");

The problem is that if I have to update a table having 12 fields, things get annoying..

Thanks, Vera

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The first thing to worry about is that this code is open to SQL injection attacks. – RedFilter Sep 19 '11 at 14:50
It's just school I shouldn't worry about...but thanks a lot for your suggestion..This makes me feel eager to know how I can modify the code in oder to make it more concise and especially safer ..What should I do? – Vera Sep 19 '11 at 14:57

Depending on the version of MySQL you are using, you can use prepared statements. Check out chapter 20.9 of the MySQL Reference Manual.

With prepared statements you can setup a query like this:
char *queryText = "Update Sconti set Sconto = ? where for_sconti = ? and cat_sconti = ?";

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Thank you for not suggesting sprintf... – Dietrich Epp Sep 19 '11 at 15:23
char string[512];

//code to clean the string :)
sprintf(string,"UPDATE Sconti SET Sconto = '%f' WHERE For_Sconti ='%f' AND Cat_Sconti='%f';",scontoValue,forScontiValue,catScontiValue);

Search for sprintf in this page:

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it works perfectly..thanks – Vera Sep 19 '11 at 16:10

Yep, you can use sprintf and do something like ...

sprintf(query, "UPDATE Sconti Set "
   " Sconto = '%s'"
   "WHERE FOR_Sconti = '%s'|
   /* etc .... */
   ";", nuove_sconto, For_Sconti, Cat_Sconti);

Note I use a C trick that in C "a""b" is equivalent to "ab" and so equivalet to

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always sprintf

it's a glorous function that act as a printf but write over a string istead of writing over the standard output. It's very simple to use by everybody since there is no c developer which does not know printf since his first hello world! Adapring it to your code would look like:

char yourString[512];
sprintf(yourString,"UPDATE Sconti SET Sconto = '%f' WHERE For_Sconti ='%f' AND Cat_Sconti='%f';",nuovo_sconto,For_Sconti,Cat_Sconti);


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