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I want to put 20 ImageView objects in LinearLayout rotated so that they form a circle. Is this possible and how, and is this the right approach for creating circular layout of ImageView objects?


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I'm not conversant with the android API, but it doesn't look like you can bend a LinearLayout into a circle. Rotating it should only change it's angle (horizontal versus vertical versus diagonal).

Probably, you're going to want to do something based off of an AbsoluteLayout or RelativeLayout, then perform geometry-related math to find out the positions the various elements need to be at.

Ideally, for future re-use, you should actually create a new CircularLayout that could be applied to containers. You want the API to require a List of some sort of the elements (plus optionally padding), then have the layout perform the necessary math.

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LinearLayout can only present child elements either vertical or horizontal. You can position the ImageViews to form a circle if you use a RelativeLayout, but rotating them will include lots of calculations

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consider using the canvas and draw paint functions

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