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I'm having some trouble saving changes to individual models in a collection. Models that have been loaded (via a collection .reset()) are issuing a POST (as if they were new) instead of the expected PUT.

Here's the approach I'm taking:


  • Loads the child collection via this.model.childcollection.reset(JSON DATA FROM SERVER);

  • In it's render function, creates a new childview for each item in the collection and renders it:

    render: function() {
            var el = this.el;
            this.model.childcollection.forEach(function(s) {
            var view = new ChildView({ model: s });
        return this;


  • In one of its events it is changing some values of the underlying model and calling save:

                ValueA: somevalue,
                ValueB: somevalue
                error: function() {
                    console.log("Error saving model");
                success: function() {
                    console.log("Model change saved");


  • POST (with no child id) is called instead of PUT (with child Id)
  • Child elements have Ids set

Can anyone tell me why this may be happening?

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backbone used the .id property (not attribute) of the model to determine whether it should put or post, as shown here in the source code: https://github.com/documentcloud/backbone/blob/master/backbone.js#L344-346

if it's doing a post when saving an existing model, this means the .id property wasn't loaded correctly. even if a call to model.get("id") returns the right result, a call to model.id must return the right result for it to know that this is not a new model.

be sure you're model's id attribute is called id, or if it's not, be sure to set the idAttribute on your model:

MyModel = Backbone.Model.extend({
  idAttribute: "myCustomId"
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Thanks - that appears to have been the problem - the 'Id' property name on the server side model was capitalised. Changing it to lowercase seems to have fixed it. –  UpTheCreek Sep 19 '11 at 16:36
Alternatively, you could have changed the field name that Backbone considers the ID field by using the idAttribute option when extending Backbone.Model. –  Mike M. Lin Jan 25 '13 at 20:21

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