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Am returning records in EF 4 in a WPF app using MVVM

Is there a way to give me a record ordinal for records returned.... ie 4 records would have 1 2 3 4 or 0 start...like in recordsets or datasets

Is there such a thing in EF?

Or if not has anyone got a way of doing this in my viewmodels as a property ie RowNo

cheers George

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Just use a Linq statement and do it in C#:

using (var database = new DataContext())
  int count = 0;
  this.YourDataBoundProperty = (
    from row in database.YourTable
    select new 
      Id = count++,
      Column1 = row .Column1,
      Column2 = row .Column2,
      //.. etc.
 ).ToArray();  //If you want an array

You can also use let to do this, but I prefer using a regular C# variable.

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Yes, one way of doing this is by creating and working with POCO classes (there is an extension for VS which makes it easy to do this)...

Obviously, your tables would contain an Id column of type int that is set to auto-increment...

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