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I'm polling the Amazon SQS for new messages and I'm trying to decide the best way to check for "No available messages".

AmazonSQS sqs = new AmazonSQS();  //pseudo code this line
ReceiveMessageRequest receiveMessageRequest = new ReceiveMessageRequest();
receiveMessageRequest.QueueUrl = myQueueUrl;
ReceiveMessageResponse receiveMessageResponse = sqs.ReceiveMessage(receiveMessageRequest);
if (receiveMessageResponse.IsSetReceiveMessageResult())
        //Always TRUE even if there are no untaken messages 

This doesn't seem to work as a way to check for "No available messages". Any thoughts on the proper way to check? Thank you!

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ReceiveMessageResult r = receiveMessageResponse.ReceiveMessageResult;

if (r.Message.Count < 1)
  Console.WriteLine("Can't find any visible messages.");
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