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I am going to build an app with database, however in android IDE, it is so suck that I can make the database by some client application. is there any good idea/tool to see the schema of the database or maintain the database?

thanks a lot! regards justin

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Have you tried MotoDev->link?

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To follow on the answer from @slukian. I'm the product manager for MOTODEV Studio. We have a database perspective that you can use to access/edit/create databases from the IDE to the emulator or a device that has access to the system files (e.g. developer phone or rooted device). If you are already using Eclipse, you can install MOTODEV Studio as plugins by downloading the correct package at – Eric Cloninger Sep 19 '11 at 17:59

if u r using firefox then goto .install the add-on.u can browse the database through the add-on.u must export the existing database from the DDMS file explorer then open the exported database with d add-on

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Go to adb shell -> cd /data/data/com**(your package name) -> Sqlite3 YourDBname -> .schema to see all schemeas -> .databases

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