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After a user edits report parameters, at some point I try to access new parameters with


Since that gives only the parameters user has submitted to the server with click on the View Report button, I'm looking to:

a) Simulate click on a View Button from code or

b) Get those parameters in some other way, preferably one that doesn't involve reflection.

How could I "flush" the current parameters from the automatically generated report control from code?

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If you call ReportViewer1.ServerReport.GetParameters() from the ReportViewer1 UnLoad event you will get the values the client entered.


<rsweb:ReportViewer ID="ReportViewer1" 


    protected void ReportViewer1_Unload(object sender, EventArgs e)
        ReportParameterInfoCollection ParameterCollection = ReportViewer1.ServerReport.GetParameters();
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