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I need to check if the current node can be moved. I'm able to do this, but "check_move" callback or binded "prepare_move" function is called multiple times. It's annoying when the same message in alert box is diplayed few times.

How I can display the alert box one time or how i can modify JSTree in order to callback wont be displayed one after another?

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I think it's called every time you drag the node you are moving over a new node, to check if it's a valid move. So if you grab a node and move it over 4 nodes, check_move will get called at least 4 times.

If you are debugging try console.log() instead of alert(), it will work better for you (look for the messages in the JavaScript console).

If you want to display an alert or something after the move is complete, bind to the move_node event instead.

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