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In this answer there's an recommendation "Use a SAX (or StAX) parser and writer at the same time.". As I understand it, it should combine e.g., a org.xml.sax.XMLReader with some XML-writer, my problem is that there seem to be many of them and none fits exactly to the XMLReader. Ideally, I'm looking for something capable of both

  • accepting the arguments as they come from startElement and endElement
  • writing an arbitrary XML-containing string

The name of the factory class for the writer is probably sufficient for me.

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Not knowing exactly what you want to do, but have a look at David Megginsons XMLWriter:

It is an XMLReader and you can easily extend it to accomplish what the other answer implies: i.e use your extended XMLWriter as an XMLreader in a filetered set up.

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First I wanted something what can be fed directly with what I get from the XMLReader, then I've found out that I want to preserve the formatting... I'm afraid I'll stay with regexes. But +1 for the interesting link. – maaartinus Sep 19 '11 at 20:46

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