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I am using $.getJSON(url,data,callback) method.

and from url it returns a JSON object of list type (e.g. states.ToList()) so how can i read that object?

states.ToList will have records of ID, and Name,

and I want to bind it with select tag (for selection list at client page.

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        function(data) {
            for (i in data) {
                var state = data[i];
                // do something with state

If you try this and it does not work, then you are either not returning an array, or you have not specified the names correctly. Look at the Net/XHR panel in Firebug to see the real shape of your data.

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Loop! valueArray <= states.ToList()

for(var i=0; i<valueArray.length; i++){
  //do something by accessing valueArray[i];
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How? can you explain it with $.getJSON() code? –  Vikas Apr 14 '09 at 13:37

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