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I have a js file that is simply just using the dojo provide statement to give the namespace for an object. Its a simple settings file that will be referenced for settings throughout the application. So Instead of creating a class (module) specifically for these properties I thought I would just give it a name space and reference that in my app js file.

Here is what I have



    console.log("settings = ", settings.obj.prop1);


Then in my settings.js


var obj = {
    prop1:'property 1',

console.log("settings module loaded");

When I use required in my app.js it shows me the settings.js has loaded as the console trace shows me its loaded. But when I try to do a trace on the obj that is inside of settings its saying undefined.

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You are defining a global variable obj. You should define inside settings, where you want it

settings.obj = { ... };

instead of

var obj = { ... }
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To attempt to clarify this a bit, it's important to note that dojo doesn't magically namespace everything defined within a module under the module's namespace. You're generally expected to uphold the namespace yourself. So while dojo.provide ensures that the namespaced object you intend to define within the module exists (e.g. settings.obj), you still need to refer to it in full as settings.obj within that module (and anywhere else). Hope that helps. –  Ken Franqueiro Sep 21 '11 at 2:40

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