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I have a parent entity, Person, and two children entities : Caller and Employee. The two children share a lot of fields so i implemented JPA inheritance with single table strategy and discriminator column.So far so good. In order to handle these objects i have some Service classes that handle database operations where i have methods like : getCallerById(); or getEmployeesByFirstName(). Also the save() methods are in these service classes. The problem is that when i want to save an employee or an caller i got a lot of duplicate code (for all the shared properties), so in order to prevent this i created a 3rd service: PersonService() in order to handle the common functionality. But now i do not know how to use this service in order to reuse as much code as i can. Maybe in the PersonService() to have something like

public Boolean save(Person p){
    if (p instanceOf Caller){
       Caller c = new Caller();

    if (p instanceOf Employee){
      Employee c = new Employee()


or how do you advise me to handle this problem??? Thanks

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if your problem is just to set the 100 commonProperties of Person, you can add helper method, say

 protected Person setCommonProperties(Person p){

return p;

in your parentService( PersonService in your case)

And in your sub classes, (e.g. CallerService),

   boolean save(){
     Caller caller = new Caller();
    caller = setCommonProperties(caller);


    //save caller
return true or false;
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thanks Kent, this is indeed a good and simple idea. I guess that i didn't sow the wood for the trees:). Nice and elegant solution. –  Videanu Adrian Sep 19 '11 at 20:03

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