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set gn=%random%
if /i %gn% lss 1 goto obje%go%
if /i %gn% gtr 5 goto obje%go%
set goal%gn%="test"
echo hi > goal%go%.txt
echo hi > g2.txt
goto go

that sets test in goal%random_number%, right?

echo %goal1%
echo %goal2%
echo %goal3%
echo %goal4%
echo %goal5%
) >> mcbingo.txt

and the result i get is:

 ECHO is off.
 ECHO is off.

and all the :objeX are the same code, but changed X and the g2.txt is g1.txt for example.

anyone have any idea whats wrong?

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The environment doesn't contain a goal1 and goal3 variable. So the echo command is just plain "echo" without an argument. This is the expected outcome when you use random. Run the .bat files many times more to get more of the variables defined. –  Hans Passant Sep 19 '11 at 18:35
oh, okay i see the problem. can i somehow make something like this if goal1=* goto objeX –  david Sep 19 '11 at 18:37
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Some of your goal variables remain uninitialised. When you are outputting them, the uninitialised variables evaluate to empty strings, and the corresponding echo commands simply look like this:


Without parameters, echo displays the status of echoing batch commands to the console (when ON, they are displayed, when OFF, which is more typical in batches, they aren't).

To avoid this behaviour and display empty strings instead, add delimiters between echos and %goal…%s. There's a number of delimiters you can use in that position, but, as follows from this answer, ( seems most appropriate:

) >> mcbingo.txt
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