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I am using View as a Data Source to my DataGridView and I want the DataGridView to update automatically every X time with an updated View, and Its a problem because I am using View instead of SQL command.

As I've searched so far, I need to refresh the data source in the gridview to show updated data and it should be like that:

GridView.DataSource = null;
GridView.DataSource = ViewDataSource;

This does refresh the GridView, but with the same data. the problem is that the view itself doesn't change, even thought I wrote:


I am pretty sure its because I havn't start editing it and as I know the view was taken as the program started, so I am looking for a way to refresh my view (its my datagridview's data source) with the updated data so I can add it to the grid.


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GridView.Refresh() and add Application.DoEvents() for it to refresh immediately.

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