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I have a jquery slider that slides horizonally when the next button is clicked. However when it reaches the end of the image/list sequence, it continues to slide and doesn't stop. I managed to make it not slide off the left end, but the right end is a problem.


$("#inner").css("overflow-x", "hidden"); 

var xPos = $('#scroller li:last').position();
var pos = '-' + xPos.left + 'px';


if(("#scroller ").css("margin-left") > pos ){


            marginLeft: "-=133px"

    }, 200)




    if($("#scroller").css("margin-left") < "0"){


            marginLeft: "+=133px"

    }, 200)



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Nothing is telling it to stop. Your next button just adds a 133 margin each time. You need to somehow set a maximum margin, or even better, make your right/left button disappear after a certain margin is reached. I'll research a way and post an answer later if I have time. But that's what you should shoot for. –  Jackson Gariety Sep 19 '11 at 19:27
I tried to tell it to not move unless the margin-left value is greater than the position of the last element inside the slider. –  evan Sep 19 '11 at 19:39

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first of all, you have a bug in the line:

if(("#scroller ").css("margin-left") > pos ){

change it to

if($("#scroller ").css("margin-left") > pos ){

if it doesnt help, maybe you should try this:

if(parseInt($("#scroller").css("margin-left"),0) < 0){

change it in the $('#prev').click function, and

 if(parseInt($("#scroller ").css("margin-left"),10) > parseInt(pos,10) ){

in the $('#next').click function

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