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I have a .net 2.0 app on a win2003 VM that calls a WCF service hosted in IIS7 on a win 2008 VM. After developing the client and service and testing (all was good) I took the opportunity to take a snapshot of both VMs.

I come back to the VMs two weeks later and when I make the WCF call from the client I get a message dialog on the win 2008 server with the caption "Visual Studio Just-In-Time Debugger". The dialog then reads "An unhandled Microsoft .Net Framework exception occurred in w3wp.exe etc.

I take a look at the WCF service log an now see the following in the "WebHeaders" element: "VsDebuggerCausalityData" AwAAAOEhpa2...lots of AAA

I've tried reverting both VMs to the previous snapshot but get the same problem.

In the WCF service trace file, I can see the logs entries from just before I took the snapshot and the request / response messages look perfect.

Could anyone please advise next step for diag and fix?

Many thanks


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  1. Try to invoke WCF from wevservice studio. If you can do it , the problem is in server.
  2. If problem is in server , you can trace where exactly do you fail Trace can be done using http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms732023.aspx
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I can invoke the service from a local client installed on the win 2008 server. Problem only comes when trying to invoke from the client on win 2003 server. –  Rob Bowman Sep 19 '11 at 21:18

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