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In windows forms, when I tab out of a text box, the bound data source value is updated. I'd like to capture the events right before and right after the data source changed. I think the OnLeave event is what I want for the before event. In the debugger, I'm not seeing the data source value changed. But, what event can I key off of for the after event?

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I don't think there is an event that does exactly what you're asking, the closest I think you're going to get is to use the DataBindings and find your specific Binding and the you can catch the Parse event. But I believe this event fires before the data is pushed back to the source, so it's not much better than the LostFocus event.

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The default event for TextBox DataBindings is DataSourceUpdateMode.OnValidation. When you tab out of the TextBox, the following events will fire:

  • Leave
  • Validating
  • (data source gets updated)
  • Validated

The Validating event has a CancelEventArgs parameter that allows you to cancel the leave attempt for the TextBox (the focus will remain in the TextBox).

If you use DataSourceUpdateMode.OnPropertyChanged, it will update the data source with every keystroke or text change.

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