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Using Php, how can I grab this data:

in particular on that page I want to grab "$160", "$210"... etc and store that part in a variable?

I tried using:


    # don't forget the library

    # this is the global array we fill with article information
    $Prices = array();


function getPrices($page) {
    global $Prices;

    $html = new simple_html_dom();

    $items = $html->find('#leftnav');   

    foreach($items as $post) {
        # remember comments count as nodes
        $Prices[] = $post->children(0)->outertext;


    <div id="main">
    foreach($Prices as $item) {
        echo $item[0];
        #echo $item[1];

but that outputs this: <

Maybe this was the tougher solution to grab this. Does anyone know of an easier way to pull just that first value, say all on that first page?

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Web scraping is quite a grey area really ( Google have in place various prevention methods for blocking automatic scrapers. At first they will put up a captcha code to try and stop your tool, if the scraping continues, they can go all out and block your IP.

If you want to get the prices, I suggest you use the Google Search API for Shopping -

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