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I have a table with rows of 2 input text boxes in each row:

    <tr><td><input id="1_1" type="text"></td><td><input id="1_2" type="text"></td></tr>
    <tr><td><input id="2_1" type="text"></td><td><input id="2_2" type="text"></td></tr>
    <tr><td><input id="3_1" type="text"></td><td><input id="3_2" type="text"></td></tr>

If the user has just one of the input texts filled in, I would like to append a certain icon in front of the row. If the user has both inputs filled in, I would like to append a different type of icon. All of this occurs on a per row basis. How would I go about accomplishing this?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Have you tried anything? Seems like some pretty straightforward jQuery to me.

Here's a working example where I've added an additional <td> prior to the input fields and inserted a <div class="icon"></div> inside of it as a placeholder for the icon you want.

The jQuery for changing it is the following:

        var row = $(this).parent().parent();
        var inputsChanged = 0;
            if($(this).val() !== '') inputsChanged++;
        if(inputsChanged === 1){
        }else if(inputsChanged === 2){
        }else if(inputsChanged === 0){
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No. I didn't really know where to begin with the one because of the multiple elements that I needed to keep track of. I had some code I did a couple of months ago but it was clunky and didn't really work. This helps. Thanks! –  Allen Liu Sep 19 '11 at 20:17
I have a question. I have this other feature that helps "paste" in data where I automatically set the values via .val(). This does not trigger the .keyup() function. I tried using .change() but that did not work. Do you have any suggestions. Thanks! –  Allen Liu Sep 19 '11 at 20:29
For that, I'd put all the code inside the keyup event I wrote into a separate function. Then, just call that function inside the keyup event, as well as right after doing the paste. Something like this: jsfiddle.net/ebiewener/Zs5sb/2 –  maxedison Sep 19 '11 at 20:39
Thanks maxedison! =) –  Allen Liu Sep 19 '11 at 21:08
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