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In the code below, testFunctionA outputs true, while testFunctionB outputs null. Is this a known error and can I get around it without getting rid of my @depends flags?

public function testFunctionA( $x = true ) {
  var_dump( $x ); // outputs true

* @depends testFunctionA
public function testFunctionB( $y = true ) {
  var_dump( $y ); // outputs NULL
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The @depends annotation does a bit more than you are thinking it does here. Mainly, the return value from testFunctionA is passed into testFunctionB. Since testFunctionA doesn't return anything, testFunctionB is getting passed a null value.

See the PHPUnit test dependencies docs for more information.

There is a difference between providing a null parameter and no parameter at all to testFunctionB. Only with nothing provided will $y default to true.

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