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Can you drag "Compile Output" or "projects" to be at a different location than they are by default?

More generally:

I am very accustomed to using Eclipse IDE... where every item viewed in the default perspective can be dragged... put into a tabbed view... etc. For now I have to use qtcreator... and I can't figure out how to drag/move each GUI item. (It would help me if your answer compares to Eclipse IDE when talking about qtcreator because I understand Eclipse IDE much better.)

Are all qtcreator GUI elements able to be user draggable and customized like in Eclipse IDE in a UNIFORM manner?

Or are only some of the GUI elements in qtcreator able to be user draggable?

(if yes for any question, please describe how to do so.)

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EXAMPLE: when in the debug mode, there are "breakpoints", "threads", and other GUI widgets. In a specific... "window" or "abstract section" or "abstract horizontal 'Debugging' split" of the GUI I can drag/drop these GUI widgets and get a nice tabbed view. But If I want to drag the "Threads" widget into the section that holds the "compiler output"... I can't do that. – Trevor Boyd Smith Sep 19 '11 at 20:21
To my knowledge... it seems like the section holding the "projects", "text editor", and "compiler output" are not draggable... – Trevor Boyd Smith Sep 19 '11 at 20:22
maybe I am just not informed about how to drag/drop these various IDE widgets. – Trevor Boyd Smith Sep 19 '11 at 20:22
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As far as I know, you cannot drag / drop.

Some windows can be split, you can maximize the main window etc.

You can change what is being shown at the bottom by clicking buttons, but I've never seen a way to move screen real estate around, resize etc.

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