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I want to load the Firefox Addon RequestPolicy. This is how i tried it:

rp = open(wd + "/requestpolicy.xpi")
firefoxProfile = FirefoxProfile()

self.driver = webdriver.Firefox(firefoxProfile)

self.usr = user.User(self.driver, username, password, world)

No error, according to the Docs it should work, but it doesn't, it still starts without the addon.

Next thing i've tried is calling it this way:

self.driver = webdriver.Firefox(browser_profile=firefoxProfile)


TypeError: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'browser_profile'

But this is an aspect of python i dont know much about. I got that idea because the source looks that way.

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I don't have enough Stackoverflow rep to leave a comment on your question, and unfortunately I don't know the answer to your question, but for what it's worth you need to call webdriver.Firefox() with firefox_profile, not browser_profile, as you have done.

See also:

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Additionally you should not open the xpi file directly. Instead try to just give the address:

firefoxProfile.add_extension(wd + "/requestpolicy.xpi")
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