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I wanted to find the new cmdlets / functions in Powershell. I used the following approach, but not sure if it is comprehensive / correct. Any ideas to find this in a better / different way?

Run the below once from v2 and once from v3 ( and write to a different file)

get-command -Module Microsoft.PowerShell.*  | 
select -expand name | out-file e:\poshv2.txt

Then use Compare-Object to see what's added ( or removed)

Compare-Object (gc e:\poshv2.txt) (gc e:\poshv3.txt)

My observation based on this is that there were 25 new cmdlets added ( and none were removed)

One question that was raised as a comment on my blog was that Disable-PsRemoting, which appeared in this list, is not really new. The reason it appeared was that it was not in the modules under Microsoft.Powershell.* ( and it was not a cmdlet), but it is in v3.0.

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The only difference which you already noted is that in v2 Disable-PsRemoting was a function and in v3 it's a cmdlet. I wrote about cmdlet and parameter changes in v3 (using a similar compare method) on the PowerShell Magazine website.

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Very comprehensive. Thanks! – manojlds Sep 20 '11 at 13:37

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