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I have an Access database in source control on TFS that I need to pull down onto another machine (XP, Office 2007). I have the Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider 2010 installed and I can successfully see the source. However, when I try to have it created it fails, giving me this error:

Failed to create a new database on a Team Foundation project.

Any idea what I've done wrong on this machine?

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8 questions, zero upvotes also. –  Mitch Wheat Sep 20 '11 at 0:08
Sorry guys, I went back and updated some questions from a while back. I'm also not familiar with what an upvote is, although now checking out the tooltips of what I assume would be an upvote icon, I can now see what they are. I wasn't aware of what those were before. I'll be sure to go back and update the answers to my questions to give credit where it's due :) –  StoneJedi Sep 20 '11 at 0:14

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I think the solution to this was that I had sent the database up to TFS from Access 2010, but was trying to pull it down to another machine with Access 2010. I thought the two versions shouldn't matter, but sending it up to TFS in Access 2007 and bringing it down in Access 2007 and Access 2010 appeared to work.

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