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I got a iphone and i had a idea for a few apps that i wanted to produce

Does anyoen have any hits and tips

also i would love to see some hello world type apps that would help me getting started

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The iPhone Dev Center has many great example to help you get started.

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here's what I would do (and sort of what I did do).

  1. Sign up as a developer at Apple.
  2. Get every book you can lay your hands on. Amazon has a list. Go find them and buy them and read them. Do the exercises. The ADC has a lot of stuff on it. Read it all, or as much as you can.
  3. Spec a project. It can be something stupid. Here's an idea: Make an app that lets people take pictures of stuff and upload them to your server, with their location data and maybe a note. Build this or as much of it as you can.

By the time you can get to 2 you will be ready to start thinking about how to make your ideas real. Don't worry about whether there is already stuff like it out there, do your own thing and try to nail it.

I'm a big fan of avoiding the features arms race with app design. Don't try to "match the competition" feature for feature. That's a silly way to design an app. Just do your thing and focus on solving the problem you set out to solve, and ONLY doing that. It's harder (I think) than it sounds.

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Here are several nice resources to start with:

Getting started and Intro to iPhone development


Device prep - if you enrolled

And as a general rule of thumb - download samples from the dev center and go through them changing details to see that you understand what's going on. Also create several new projects and start adding content to them.

Hope it helped,


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The ADC has a "Your First iPhone Application" howto.

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As for "Hello World" style apps, there's of course the tons of Apple example apps you will notice once you sign up with the ADC.

There are also a few Open Source apps and games out there that you can assimilate knowledge from.

My game (Gorillas) is open source, for instance, under the GPLv2. All the source code is available from: http://gorillas.lyndir.com/trac/browser. It's helped lots of developers already with general and OpenGL/ES and cocos2d issues.

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I thought you couldn't put iPhone Apps sold on the App Store under the GPL. –  Zifre Apr 14 '09 at 18:39

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