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I successfully processed my jar and apk. Then, want to verify if is it truly hard to reverse engineer or truly did the obfuscation.

I am thinking to try to reverse engineer it by myself to see what I did. But don't know how to do it.

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For manual reverse engineering, you can try dex2jar and then Java Decompiler.

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i'll try that application. it seems that is the answer. +1 – eros Sep 20 '11 at 3:45
Thanks, that makes it pretty easy to check. It's very interesting to go through my obfuscated code and see what's still there. It's also a great reminder as to how much of your code is available if you don't obfuscate. – ProjectJourneyman Sep 30 '11 at 22:33

I assume you have a set of tests (unit/functionality). Run them against the obfuscated jar file. They should pass as if you had the original program.

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you may run the test classes successfully with or without obfuscation, ins't? So, how come we know or verify the obfuscated jar? – eros Sep 20 '11 at 3:44

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