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My jquery looks like this

var formContent ="action=view&msgid="+id;
$.getJSON("myserv.php",formContent, function(json){
    $.each( json, function(k, v){`
       alert( "Key: " + k + ", Value: " + v );`

in my php file i have an array that i json encode

while($message->fetch()) {


return $str;

the alert returns Key:0 Value: [Object Object]

Any idea how I can get it to return the correct result? How can I display the results nicely in a div or span?

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That's the expected output if you convert an object to a string. If you want to access its properties, then do so, e.g. v.subject. – Felix Kling Sep 20 '11 at 0:38
Markdown note: backticks ("`") are for inline code. To format code blocks, indent them an extra four spaces (as Felix Kling did for you). The "{}" button in the editor toolbar toggles indentation. Click the orange question mark in the editor toolbar for more information and tips on formatting. – outis Sep 20 '11 at 0:39
use console.log(json) and a browser with a console (pretty much anything with firebug style debug tools) and you'll be able to see much more clearly what is going on with that json. – Louis Sep 20 '11 at 0:39
Off-topic, the sample PHP while loop is missing an increment of $i, and possibly a $message2->fetch(). Are they also missing in your original code? – outis Sep 20 '11 at 0:42
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You are putting it all in a single cell array. And then in your callback, in jQuery, you are trying to loop through the array cell. I'm assuming you want to keep $arr an array (guessing you could have multiple 'read', 'subject', etc) so you should change your js to:

var formContent ="action=view&msgid="+id;
$.getJSON("myserv.php",formContent, function(json){
    $.each(json, function(i){
        $.each(json[i], function(k, v) {
            alert( "Key: " + k + ", Value: " + v ); });

Or, if you don't want a single cell array, and will only return one 'read', 'subject etc, then change your PHP to:

if($message->fetch()) {
else {
    $str=json_encode(Array('error' => 'No message'));

return $str;
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