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I got 'the parameter is incorrect' when access to partilces in contentmodel but it is ok to read itemtype. Can someone tell me what to do ? Thanks in advance.

<xs:schema xmlns="urn:bookstore-schema" targetNamespace="urn:bookstore-schema"
 <xs:element name="book" type="booktype" />
 <xs:complexType name="booktype">
     <xs:element name="author" type="xs:string" />
     <xs:element name="price" type="xs:decimal" />
     <xs:element name="aaa" type="xs:string" />
<xs:element name="another" type="xs:string" />

procedure AccessSchema;
var oSchemaCache : XMLSchemaCache60;
    oSchema : ISchema;
    nsTarget : string;
    kk : integer;

 procedure AccessComplexType(oComplex : iSchemaItem);
 var ISchComplex : ISchemaComplexType;
    ISchComplex := oComplex as ISchemaComplexType;

    if (iSchComplex.contentType = SCHEMACONTENTTYPE_MIXED) or
       (iSchComplex.contentType = SCHEMACONTENTTYPE_ELEMENTONLY) then
       if (iSchComplex.contentModel.ItemType = SOMITEM_CHOICE) or
          (iSchComplex.contentModel.ItemType = SOMITEM_SEQUENCE) then
         if IschComplex.contentModel.particles.length > 0 then  
         //error : the parameter is incorrect
           {handling particles }

  oSchemaCache := coXMLSchemaCache60.Create;

  nsTarget := 'urn:bookstore-schema';
  oSchema := oSchemaCache.getSchema(nsTarget);

   for kk := 0 to pred( oschema.types.length) do
      if (oschema.types.item[kk].itemType = SOMITEM_COMPLEXTYPE ) then


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The problem is not in your code, the problem is with the faulty Delphi 7 TLB importer.

Except for the fact that you forgot to include the xs:schema closing tag, your example works just fine if I copy-paste it into Delphi 2010.

Back to Delphi 7. Accessing the .particles property of the contentModel returns OLE code $80004001.

A quick look at the generated TLB.pas suggests Delphi 7 screwed up when importing the .TLB file. The contentModel is of the type ISchemaModelGroup, which inherits from ISchemaItem. Now take a look at the definition:

  ISchemaParticle = interface(ISchemaItem)
    procedure GhostMethod_ISchemaParticle_0_1; safecall;
    procedure GhostMethod_ISchemaParticle_4_2; safecall;
    procedure GhostMethod_ISchemaParticle_8_3; safecall;
    procedure GhostMethod_ISchemaParticle_12_4; safecall;
    procedure GhostMethod_ISchemaParticle_16_5; safecall;
    procedure GhostMethod_ISchemaParticle_20_6; safecall;
    procedure GhostMethod_ISchemaParticle_24_7; safecall;
    procedure GhostMethod_ISchemaParticle_28_8; safecall;
    procedure GhostMethod_ISchemaParticle_32_9; safecall;
    procedure GhostMethod_ISchemaParticle_36_10; safecall;
    procedure GhostMethod_ISchemaParticle_40_11; safecall;
    procedure GhostMethod_ISchemaParticle_44_12; safecall;
    procedure GhostMethod_ISchemaParticle_48_13; safecall;
    procedure GhostMethod_ISchemaParticle_52_14; safecall;
    function Get_minOccurs: OleVariant; safecall;
    function Get_maxOccurs: OleVariant; safecall;
    property minOccurs: OleVariant read Get_minOccurs;
    property maxOccurs: OleVariant read Get_maxOccurs;

See all those ghost_xxx methods? Delphi 2010 doesn't generate those, and they shouldn't be there in the first place (they cause the method offset for the get_particles call to be all wrong).

Simply comment those GhostMethod_XXX methods in the MSXML2_TLB and your example works like a charm.

However, you are stil stuck with a badly imported TLB, which might blow up in your face at any time. I'd advice you to use the Delphi 2010 imported version in stead (MSXML2_TLB.zip), as it works fine with Delphi 7.

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