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I've been trying out Netbeans PHP stuff lately, over from Webuilder. In Webuilder, SHIFT+ENTER will make a <br /> element, while SHIFT+SPACE will make a &nbsp;.

Turns out this is really handy and I miss it in Netbeans. Is there a way to get this functionality somehow?

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You just have to click on Edit -> Start Macro Recording then you have to type in <br /> and afterwards click on Edit -> Stop Macro Recording. In the next window you can assign a name and shortcut to your Macro

Edit: And remove to shortcut for Start new Line in Tools -> Options -> Keymap because it is interfering

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Boom that did it. Cheers! And +1 for the "remove" part, since that's also in the solution. My opinion of Netbeans has climbed up another notch. –  Steve Sep 23 '11 at 0:20

You can create macros, and assign a shortcut to the macro.

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The Code Templates feature might also be useful (especially for bigger chunks of code, like a class definition):

Tools > Options > Editor > Code Templates

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+1 for the new idea - it is interesting, but unfortunately doesn't solve the original question. Thanks though! –  Steve Sep 23 '11 at 0:17

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