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I have vbs that I run on my desktop.

For some reason, Asc(Chr(148)) returns -32443 in JPN windows. I don't have this issue on ENG windows. I found similar issue posted here but it was for .net vb

Is there a way to change codepage of vbs? I tried chcp on the cmd window i run the script but it didn't do anything.


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FYI, your question will be much easier to read if you use more capital letters, and you use the code span syntax to highlight your code snippets. –  Dan Cecile Sep 20 '11 at 2:34

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I think due to default locale id. Try to set the locale id.

'Test the default locale id

WScript.Echo GetLocale 'most likely prints 1041

'Set Locale id

SetLocale 1033 'en-US
WScript.Echo Asc(Chr(148))
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