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converting a WSDL to a REST web service, Is there a C# version of this library? http://wsdl2rest.sourceforge.net/

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I was wondering if you really need a library for this? I mean as long as you have the WSDL you can create a service using the svcutil and decorate the methods with WebInvoke and WebGet also specifying the method (POST/GET/PUT) and the UrlTemplate. The methods would also have return types and input params based on your current wsdl.

I haven't tried it but I've been reading on the issue as my current project requires me to do so when I get that stage of our development effort...

Here are some sources: How to use a WSDL file to create a WCF service (not make a call) http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1527057/reverse-wcf-service-building-a-server-from-a-client-definition How to use a WSDL File to create a WCF Proxy?

and so forth...

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