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ssh invocation in script function

Below UNIX script abruptly ends while reading second line from file. When I comment 'ssh' command the script works as expected. I think I will have to run ssh command in a different process, but haven't got a handle yet as regards to how to do that. Any help in resolving this problem is highly appreciated.

exec 3<&0
exec 0<./bulkInput.dat
#cat ./bulkInput.dat | while read searchToken || (echo "reading failedi $?" &&  false)
while true
        index=`expr $index + 1`
        if [ $index -gt 450 ]
                echo "Index limit reached. Now exiting"
                exit 0
        read searchToken
        if [ $? -ne "0" ]
                echo "Read failed"
        echo "Search token is "${searchToken}
        echo "************************************ **********************************"
        echo "plsa0666 WSIP server " > WSIP.log
        ssh zq742888@plsa0666 'grep -r '$searchToken' /logs/jas/was60/wsip/wsip*/wsip*' >> WSIP.log
        echo "plsa0667 WSIP server " >> WSIP.log
        #ssh zq742888@plsa0667 'grep -r '$searchToken' /logs/jas/was60/wsip/wsip*/wsip*' >> WSIP.log
        echo "plsa0668 WSIP server " >> WSIP.log
        #ssh zq742888@plsa0668 'grep -r '$searchToken' /logs/jas/was60/wsip/wsip*/wsip*' >> WSIP.log
        echo "plsa4407 WSIP server " >> WSIP.log
        #ssh zq742888@plsa4407 'grep -r '$searchToken' /logs/jas/was60/wsip/wsip*/wsip*' >> WSIP.log
        echo "plsa0412 server " >> WSIP.log
        cp WSIP.log bulk/WSIP.log_${searchToken}
        echo $?
exec 0<&3
echo "Exiting script"*
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ssh(1) is reading all of stdin and exhausting it, causing the next shell read to return false and break the loop. Try one of these:

ssh -n zq742888@plsa0666 ...


ssh < /dev/null zq742888@plsa0666 ...

to prevent this behavior.

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Thanks Pilcrow!! That worked! SO rocks!! And to think of it I spent 4-5 hours figuring this out!! :-) – Jeetesh KC Sep 20 '11 at 4:39

Run the ssh command from the shell prompt and see what it does. If it is asking for input (e.g. password) then that may be problem.

There is also a flag to run in script mode(from memory -b but you should check) and that may also help you.

The -i flag allows you to specify the key to use if that is the problem.

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