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I'm using the LESS CSS module 7.x-2.4 in Drupal 7.8 I would like to use style mixins which pass arguments to another mixin. In the example passing the color as a string "#CC00CC" works ok, but not as an variable like that "darken(@col, 10%)".

  background-color: @colBg; 

  border: 2px solid lighten(@col, 10%); // ok
  @bg(#CC00CC); // ok - color is passed
  @bg(darken(@col, 10%)); // Color is not being passed to @bg


How can I achieve cascading variables from the css-class to a mixnin which passes the argument to another mixin?

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Your syntax is incorrect. Check the docs on mixins. The code you have should be written like this:

    background-color: @colBg; 

    border: 2px solid lighten(@col, 10%);
    .bg(darken(@col, 10%));

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Thanks for the answer! The code is working both ways, the result/problem stays the same. – Mife Sep 21 '11 at 13:13
Mife, Tyler's solution works with my version of less. Have you checked it with the latest less.js? – Mikko Tapionlinna Dec 5 '11 at 18:34

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