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Basically I want the same functionality that you get by using the RadioSelection attribute except that it allows multiple selections to be made.

Something like this:

private IList<int> currentSelections;
private IList<string> myList;

Looking at the documentation there doesn't seem to be a mention of anything like this. So my question is: Can a Checkbox Selection list be created with the present version of MonoTouch.Dialog? If so, then how? If not, is there a better way to handle this case?

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You'll have to extend MT.Dialog to do this.

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Ok, that's what I thought. Some parts in the source made it seem like this might already be possible so I just wanted to check before I went any further. Thanks. – Adam Jones Sep 20 '11 at 23:41

This is the approach I used to achieve this:

var root new RootElement() { 
    new Section("Bacon"){ 
        new RootElement ("Types", new  RadioGroup (0)){ 
            new Section(){  
                new CheckboxElement ("Smokey"),  
                new CheckboxElement ("Streaky"), 
                new CheckboxElement ("Rasher")

Taken from

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