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I've got a source of data that has HTML tags in it (B, I, A) and need to display this in a Silverlight ListBox.

Searching around it seems to be an issue but most of the posts are old and have to do with Silverlight 1 it seems.

What is currently the best way to display simple HTML with Silverlight, if nothing else, just the B, I and A tags for bold, italic and hyperlinks?

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There's no native support in Silverlight 2.0. However, someone has gone and created a HtmlTextBlock control which should be suitable for your purposes. Check out the author's block post on the subject. There's also a demo page here.

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Seems like the server hosting the blog is down at the moment. You can still download the source from…. Note that it was written for the Silverlight 2.0 beta, so it may need some minor modifications to work now. – Noldorin Apr 14 '09 at 15:21

If you want to do it just in XAML:


the &#160 is an antity for space. The result is:

Text: italic and bold

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This comment system is wacky. I added 2 comments last night. After adding the second one, I could still only see the first one. This morning, after clearing browser cookies, I only see my second one. Wierd.

Anyway, I had a problem with the control where I had its Html property bound, and it was appending html every time the property changed. I fixed it by adding the following to the top of the ParseAndSetText() method:

this.Selection.Text = "";

I also had a problem where an exception was being thrown when the DOM parsing routine failed, and I fixed it by changing:

Xaml = null;


this.Selection.Text = ""; 
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