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This question is due to an error when I try to use this on a file. I have a file with a class for the page:

class Page {
   function whatHappen()
      echo "this may work";
   function helloWorld()
       echo "This is my page!";
       require( "usethis.php" );      // --> this works
       similar_require( "usethis.php" );    // ---> with this I get an error
   function write()

And a function that similar to require:

function similar_require( $filepath )
   require( $filepath );

In usethis.php file I have this:


How to do work similar_require and require like the same function?

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What exactly is the error? are you using both require statements at once? try commenting out the first require statement if that's the case. – Zebra Sep 20 '11 at 5:55

In usethis.php you are trying to access $this, which is not declared in scope of similar_require function.
Read about visibility:

All this code looks very dirty: don't use 'require' or 'include' in methods or functions - it's like using globals (and globals are very bad thing).

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Why 'require' works fine and 'similar_require' don't? – CRISHK Corporation Sep 20 '11 at 10:23
@CrisHongKongCRISHK read my answer again. – OZ_ Sep 20 '11 at 10:30

Maybe this will work:

function similar_require( $filepath, $this )
   require( $filepath );


similar_require( "usethis.php", $this );
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