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I am having strange problem with jQuery (1.6.x). I have this simple call on my page:

window.onbeforeunload = function() { return 'Are you sure ?'; };

But it doesn't work, because as I've found out, jQuery overwrites content of the window.onbeforeunload. In JS console, I can see that window.onbeforeunload contains piece of jQuery code:

function( e ) {
// Discard the second event of a jQuery.event.trigger() and
// when an event is called after a page has unloaded
return typeof jQuery !== "undefined" && (!e || jQuery.event.triggered !== e.type) ?
    jQuery.event.handle.apply( eventHandle.elem, arguments ) : undefined;

Is there a way I can find why and where jQuery overwrites my onbeforeunload function ? When I try to run empty jsfiddle with just jQuery loaded and with my onbeforeunload function, it works as expected.

Any hints will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Just in case, somebody suggests using:

$(window).bind('beforeunload', function() { return 'Are you sure';} );

I've already tried it and it behaves the same way as using pure javascript.

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Can you use the jQuery unload method instead? api.jquery.com/unload –  James Allardice Sep 20 '11 at 6:45
I am able to successfully apply my own function to onbeforeunload and I use jQuery 1.6. Is there any more information or code you can provide? Does this not work in all browsers? jsfiddle.net/Kai/QgVE8 –  Kai Sep 20 '11 at 6:45
You're screaming in space. Provide a test case that reproduces this problem and we can help. –  Marcus Ekwall Sep 20 '11 at 6:51
Marcus Ekwall: Yeah, I know and I'm sorry. It's a pretty big intranet webapp and it's practically impossible for me to show it publicly. Therefore I am just looking for hints what should I check or how should I disable this jQuery behaviour... –  Frodik Sep 20 '11 at 6:57
Not an answer in it's entirety, but I just found that this happens after I append some elements to the document with .prepend(). When I remove them using .remove() onbeforeunload works again. I wonder if jquery changes the window object somehow when things are added after loading. In any case the chosen solution here works great. –  Askdesigners Jan 3 '13 at 22:45

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Ok, I've finally figured a solution, which is probably not the cleanest one - because I don't know the exact cause of the problem - but it works. I've put my beforeunload function into jQuery's load function so it is executed after DOM and other elements are loaded.

$(window).load(function () {
  $(window).bind('beforeunload', function() { return 'Are you sure ?';} );
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this $(window).bind('beforeunload', function() { return 'Are you sure ?';} ); just worked fine for me thanks –  Nicolas Manzini Nov 23 '12 at 10:24

You might have some luck trying a setTimeout(function(){ ... },0), I ran into the same problem and this worked as a viable solution.

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