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My current project is an AJAX based website which uses the following code to switch pages (it uses the 'history.js' plugin for jQuery). The problem is that sometimes the AJAX calls just aren't made (no POST's and GET's visible in firebug) all other Javascript however is working on the site and all the JS files are loaded correctly. And this only happens on one of my PCs (so far) and all my colleagues can switch pages correctly.

So my question, does anyone have a slightest idea how this could happen? Thanks in advance.

var normload = true;

$(function () {
//Check if url hash value exists (for bookmark)

//dehighlight other links
if(document.location.hash.replace(/^.*#/, '') != '')

//highlight the selected link
$('a[href=' + document.location.hash.replace(/^.*#/, '') + ']').parent('li').addClass('active');

if(document.location.hash.replace(/^.*#/, '') == '' && document.location == 'http://merkcollectors.com/develop/')

//Search for link with REL set to ajax
$('a[rel=ajax]').click(function (e) {

    var old_hash = document.location.hash.replace(/^.*#/, '');

    normload = false;

    //grab the full url
    var hash = $(this).attr('href');

    //remove the # value
    hash = hash.replace(/^.*#/, '');

    //for back button

    //clear the selected class and add the class class to the selected link

    //run the ajax
    if(old_hash != hash)

    //cancel the anchor tag behaviour
    return false;

function pageload(hash) {
//if hash value exists, run the ajax
if (hash && normload) getPage();   

function getPage() {
//generate the parameter for the php script
var data = 'section=' + document.location.hash.replace(/^.*#/, '');
    url: "php/loader.php", 
    type: "GET",       
    data: data,    
    cache: false,
    success: function (html) {

        $('#content').fadeOut('fast', function () {

            //add the content retrieved from ajax and put it in the #content div

            //display the body with fadeIn transition

            //activate de slider
            $(function () {
                                          speed:            500,
                                      type:         "fade",
                                    pageholder:     "#slider_buttons",
                                    pageclass:      "sdfg",
                                    pageactive:     "active"

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Why do you use AJAX to replace good ol' HTTP? It doesnt really add much to the user experience. –  TJHeuvel Sep 20 '11 at 7:27
Customer is king (sometimes).. it's for page transition effects and also in a way more efficient because you don't reload the entire page each time only the content. I would prefer good ol' HTTP because it's clean simple and doesn't need a lot of work arounds to get things like bookmarks working... But still any idea's why it is sometimes not working :P ?? –  Luigi van der Pal Sep 20 '11 at 8:35

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