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I'm interested in getting more dubugging information when I get an error.

Now I'm getting something like this:

PHP Fatal error:  Class 'MyFirm\PlatformBundle\Entity\Review\LandmarkReviewRepository' not found in /home/me/mf/myfirm2/vendor/doctrine/lib/Doctrine/ORM/EntityManager.php on line 577

Fatal error: Class 'MyFirm\PlatformBundle\Entity\Review\LandmarkReviewRepository' not found in /home/me/mf/myfirm2/vendor/doctrine/lib/Doctrine/ORM/EntityManager.php on line 577

but it's not enough for me, I want to know the some more functions or files where called right before that error happens.

Any idea?

phpunit 3.5.14



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Install xdebug: it gives you better stacktraces.

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It might seem like a short answer but imho it's all there is to say about that :) +1 from me (yesterday) –  edorian Sep 21 '11 at 22:14

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