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I have few images in res/drawable folder. I have a sqite DB. i have a gridview where i display all the images. i select a image and i fetch corresponding URI of the image selected. Now

when i select the image the URI is displayed in Edittext. Then i submit that message along with image. In Listview i display the message along with all the messages from webservice.

  1. I need to display the corresponding image instead of URI in EditText.
  2. I need to display image from EditText into Listview where i display the entire list of messages from webservice.

I need to submit the message in editText and fetch back the same message from webservice along with image.

How can i achive it?

I have done till getting the corresponding URI of the selecyed image from local DB. Now i need to get the image instead of URI.

please guide me in solving this problem.


Regards, Raghav

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Edit Text is for text input only.

You do not have the flexibility of showing an image.

How ever, if you have the data available with you you can try


However, if the image is remote then you will get a box.. and I don't have info how to load it from resources.

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