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I recently installed vim-enhanced , but I can't find any article/tutorial related to it.All I could find is a page that briefly describes it's new features , along with several RPM's to download . What exactly does it have to offer to scripting languages that regular vi/vim can't ?


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According to this, vim-enhanced is just vim "with the perl, python, tcl, and cscope options compiled in." You should be able to find everything you need to know about these compile options in the documentation.

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If you're new to vim, then run vimtutor

You may also want to start out by reading :help and learning how to use the help system. In particular :help topic (control-D) and :help topic (more useful if you have :set wildmenu) will help you find topics in vim's built-in help (which is notably superior to trying to Google for things). If all else fails there's also :helpgrep topic and then use the quickfix buffer to see the hits (:cn, :cp, :cl, etc).

The #vim channel on Freenode IRC network is also a good place to get help.

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