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I have a cities table in which I have citynames like "Los Angeles (California)".

I tried to extract all the values contained between parantheses with a request, but I couldn't manage to do it well...

The request I tried looked like this :

SELECT cityname FROM cities WHERE cityname LIKE "%(%)%" 
GROUP BY SUBSTR(cityname, FIND_IN_SET(cityname, '('))

Or something like (without group by):

SELECT SUBSTR(cityname, FIND_IN_SET(cityname, '(')) FROM cities 
WHERE cityname LIKE "%(%)%"

What seems to be wrong with these requests ?

I forgot to tell that i'm working with mySQL.

Thanks for your help !

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Try this :

SELECT SUBSTRING(cityname, CHARINDEX('(',cityname)+1,(LEN(cityname) - CHARINDEX('(',cityname)-1)) FROM cities WHERE cityname LIKE '(%)%' 
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Thanks for the advice. I edited my first post as i forgot to precise that i was working with mySQL which doesn't recognize the CHARINDEX function :( –  Yellow Bird Sep 20 '11 at 8:41
It's ok then ! I replaced CHARINDEX by LOCATE and LEN by LENGTH and i seemed to work fine ! Thank you ! –  Yellow Bird Sep 20 '11 at 8:43

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