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this is my file please tell me how can I insert date and price cell C4 and C21 into table please help I took excel source and setsOpenRowSetproperty toSHEET$C4:C21` but which is giving me only one column and invalid data also please help. enter image description here

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You may achieve this using a script task in your package. But consider using SSRS instead. I think this is what SSRS made for.

With SSRS you can make a report using BIDS or also you can create a local report with Visual Studio inside of an (e.g.) ASP.NET application. With the ASP.NET ReportViewer component you can visualize your report and export it to Excel as well. You can even export programmatically if you should do this.

Here is a tutorial how to use SSRS together with ASP.NET ReportViewer. Another turorial for how to use exporting functionality.

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please elaborate with example or tell me what should be the 'OpenRowSet' property of 'Excel source' – Neo Sep 20 '11 at 11:02

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