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I've recently been working on some database search functionality and wanted to get some information like the average words per document (e.g. text field in the database). The only thing I have found so far (without processing in language of choice outside the DB) is:

SELECT AVG(LENGTH(content) - LENGTH(REPLACE(content, ' ', '')) + 1)
FROM documents

This seems to work* but do you have other suggestions? I'm currently using MySQL 4 (hope to move to version 5 for this app soon), but am also interested in general solutions.


* I can imagine that this is a pretty rough way to determine this as it does not account for HTML in the content and the like as well. That's OK for this particular project but again are there better ways?

Update: To define what I mean by "better": either more accurate, performs more efficiently, or is more "correct" (easy to maintain, good practice, etc). For the content I have available, the query above is fast enough and is accurate for this project, but I may need something similar in the future (so I asked).

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You need to define "better" – Tom H Apr 14 '09 at 17:56
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The text handling capabilities of MySQL aren't good enough for what you want. A stored function is an option, but will probably be slow. Your best bet to process the data within MySQL is to add a user defined function. If you're going to build a newer version of MySQL anyway, you could also add a native function.

The "correct" way is to process the data outside the DB since DBs are for storage, not processing, and any heavy processing might put too much of a load on the DBMS. Additionally, calculating the word count outside of MySQL makes it easier to change the definition of what counts as a word. How about storing the word count in the DB and updating it when a document is changed?

Example stored function:

       NO SQL
    DECLARE wordCnt, idx, maxIdx INT DEFAULT 0;
    DECLARE currChar, prevChar BOOL DEFAULT 0;
    SET maxIdx=char_length(str);
    WHILE idx < maxIdx DO
        SET currChar=SUBSTRING(str, idx, 1) RLIKE '[[:alnum:]]';
        IF NOT prevChar AND currChar THEN
            SET wordCnt=wordCnt+1;
        END IF;
        SET prevChar=currChar;
        SET idx=idx+1;
    RETURN wordCnt;
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