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I have a problem with Mongo DB. Somehow i have a wrong ObjectId in row entry. The ObjectId has an invalid length.

How can i force Mongo to delete that ObjectId ??


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ObjectId in MongoDB is a special 12-byte BSON datatype, which is designed to have a high probability of being unique when allocated (i.e.: generated based on current time, specific machine and so on).

You can check the validity of a given ID string, using a method provided by MongoDB driver. For example, in Java, you can use the following method:

static boolean isValid(String s) 

in class:


to check whether a given input string is a corrent ObjectId or not.

Hope this'll help.

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I'm wondering if I'm just not understanding this issue; but can't you simply do a :


to remove the row then reinsert it?

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Since you cannot update the _id field (it's a mongo limitation) you'll have to copy the row and delete the old one. In the shell :

var row = db.yourcollection.findOne({_id : "your invalid id"})
db.yourcollection.remove({_id : "your invalid id"}))
row._id = new ObjectId()

However this is strange that you have an ill-lengthed ObjectIf, did you create it yourself ?

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just an fyi; you're taking an extra step here. You could do find and exclude the _id from it, and then when you insert the new row, it would auto create a new id. –  Petrogad Sep 27 '11 at 15:59
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if you have any other field within that object just do the following:


and then just re-add, this should be safer than doing an update to the field.

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