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In a logging perspective with millions of rows. What is the preferred way?

Do you store the Guid as a UniqueIdentifier or in Binary? Which is faster for searching?

The C# part of generating the values is not an issue here.

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You didn't mention anything about indexes... I assume you do intend to index this column, right? Because that's far more important than choosing the right type (though the latter is also important). –  Mark Byers Sep 20 '11 at 9:50

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A GUID is stored as binary but there are rules attached when comparing and sorting that are different to straight binary. See How is a guid actually stored and sorted/compared in SQL Server? for more

Whatever you choose, don't use a GUID a a clustered index. For why, see What are the reasons *not* to use a GUID for a primary key? as one example.

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