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I have instance of YumRepository class. Is there a way to retrieve the option from configuration file of a repository, that I've added manually ?

Standard options are available as attributes of YumRepository instance e.g. rep.mirrorlist - is the list of mirrors

Manually added option name in repositories config file is "notify=yes", how to retrieve it's value using rep object.

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You have two options: either hack RepoConf class before initializing yum, or use direct access to RawConfigParser object. The latter is quite simple:

foo = repo.cfg.get(repo.id, 'foo')

First option is more complicated, but more universal:

from yum import config, YumBase

config.RepoConf.foo = config.Option()

yum = YumBase()
for repo in yum.repos.listEnabled():
    print repo.id, repo.foo
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Just found solution yum.config.getOption(rep.cfg, str(rep), 'notify', yum.config.BoolOption(True)) –  deimus Sep 20 '11 at 11:04
I'll mark your answer as a base for solution –  deimus Sep 20 '11 at 11:06

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