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I am using TortoiseSVN. I have a Linux directory mapped as a Windows drive. Commits and updates are working fine. I have the following problems.

  1. When I do svn info on a Linux box, it gives me an error saying Error '.' is not a working copy
  2. When I try to merge a changelist from another branch, it gives me an error saying Error '.' is not a working copy.

When I checkout code that becomes the working copy. Where is this coming from?

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Using working copy with different clients is not supported by svn:

Can I use different Subversion clients with the same working copy?

You must also be sure that all the clients are built for the same OS. Client compatibility is only guaranteed for a particular OS type and metadata representations may differ. You must not use a native Windows client and the Cygwin client on the same working copy. And if you share a working copy over a network you must not use a Linux and a Windows client on the same working copy.

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