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I'm using a TTTableViewController that loads different data urls when a UISegmentedControl is clicked.

currentUrl = [urlList objectAtIndex:segmentedControl.selectedSegmentIndex];
[self invalidateModel];

it's working fine and when I select a different segmented control my TTTableViewController loads the new data from the currentUrl.

The problem is that I don't get the activity status (the spinning loading overlay) when the new data is loaded.

Is there any method I can call to get the loading when I reload the table data?

Already tried many others method like refresh, reload, invalidateView.. But no luck so far Thanks!

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Solved by calling

[self showLoading:YES];

when I invalidate the model, and implementing this in the delegate

- (void) didLoadModel:(BOOL)firstTime{
  [self showLoading:NO];
  [super didLoadModel:firstTime];
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